Slip & Fall, Trip & Fall

An owner of property, landlord, or maintenance provider, whether commercial (store) or private (home/rental home), owes a duty to maintain a safe premises and to warn invitees of any potential hazards.  However property owners can fail to meet these duties and often times invitees are injured as a result thereof.  In such cases, property owners can be held liable for your damages.  Common examples of premises liability include:

• Slip & Falls on icy sidewalks and parking lots,
• Trip & Falls on uneven sidewalks, entryways, and steps,
• Trip & Falls due to Code violations,
• Falls in businesses due to spilled inventory & failure to warn of wet floors,
• Drowning due to negligence or Code violations, 
• Oilfield injuries,
• Burn injuries,
• Electrical injuries, and
• Animal attacks. 

Animal Attacks

Dog bites and other animal attacks, including the Ram pictured below, can cause serious injuries and sometimes death.  Animal owners owe you a duty of care and their failure to control or pen an animal may make them legally responsible for your injuries.  However the laws on dog bites and animal attacks are complicated.

Premises Liability and Animal Attacks can cause one to sustain damages such as:

• Death,
• Serious & Permanent Injury,
• Broken bones, internal injuries, & traumatic brain injuries,
• Medical expenses,
• Past and future wage loss,
• Loss of benefits,
• Pain & suffering,
• Emotional distress, and
• Loss of your spouse's services (consortium).

Kocsis Law Office PC has handled a variety of premises liability cases from basic trip and falls at commercial properties, trip and falls at rental properties, slip and falls in parking lots, and premises liability cases involving drowning and animal attacks.

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